All the best garage conversions are where the garage is attached to the house or has a small passageway between the house and garage. The first step is to decide what the extra space will be used for. Maybe an extra bedroom, study, studio or reception space? A good garage conversion can add to the value of your home and improve the external appearance of your home. I can help you achieve your vision and ensure your new space works seamlessly with your existing spaces.

You will lose the garage space of course. But clever design can still leave you with some storage for bins, bikes and garden equipment too. You may be able to carry out the project under Permitted Development and a Building Notice. But in my opinion, it is better to have a Lawful Development Certificate/Householder Planning Application and Building Regulations full plans approval, so all the paperwork is complete should you decide to sell in the future.

Contact me to find out more. I offer a free 1-hour consultation at your home to discuss how you can make use of your garage space and the process involved.

Just a quick note: If you do decide to convert your garage then I do recommend hiring an architectural professional to ensure that you comply with planning and building regulations requirements. It is also prudent to get a set of information produced by an architectural professional to ensure you and your builder both know what you are paying for! Talk to me for further details