Are you unhappy with the layout of your home? Perhaps you want to modernise or make your existing home work for you?

Remodelling and renovating make the most of the space you have. Why pay money for an extension you don’t need to? This can be as simple as adding bigger windows, removing or moving a wall, taking a small amount of space for a downstairs WC, reconfiguring a staircase to make use of your landing and hallway better, or flipping your rooms, and adding large windows to improve your outlook and create more light.

If you are unsure what would work in your home then book an Inspiration Consultation with me-where I will help you decide what would be best for you with no obligation going forward.

Just a quick note: If you do decide to remodel or renovate your home then I do recommend hiring an architectural professional to ensure that you comply with planning and building regulations requirements. It is also prudent to get a set of information produced by an architectural professional to ensure you and your builder both know what you are paying for! Talk to me for further details